Friday, February 14, 2014

My Orioles Alumni Postcards

I have been a fan of the Orioles Postcards. I collect them and try to build the set . Contact me if you have any or you need any. 

The first postcard is of Calvin Maduro.He has a beautiful autograph.

Next up is Boog Powell. I have 2 different types of Postcards signed by Boog . He must be the easiest guy to get an autograph from. So here they are.
The next guy is Nate Snell. I have 2 of these postcards. I got Nate at Orioles Fanfest( post to come) . He has a beautiful Autograph and is a super friendly guy. 
Next is Bill Hunter.A super friendly guy.
Next up is Tim Nordbrook and Jackie Brandt.
I'm just going to post the rest with photos. I have to many to write a little bit about.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these postcards and I hope they brought back some great memories . Go O's!

Orioles Fanfest 11:20 Autograph Signing

My first autograph station of the day. I was happy I managed to get this station with Dylan Bundy, Ryan Webb and David Lough. I got 2 vouchers for this time slot. I mainly got this due to the fact of Ryan Webb and David Lough being new Orioles and then Dylan Bundy of course as a top prospect. I had Dylan sign two baseballs as you see below in the photo. 
I asked him if he would inscribe 1st round pick and he did. Dylan was very nice and I look forward to seeing him pitch for the O's when he has been cleared to resume baseball activities.I also got a postcard signed 

 The next guy up was David Lough. He was very friendly, I got him to sign a ball .
Next was Ryan Webb. I got Ryan on two baseballs. One is for sale or for trade . Contact me if you're in need of one. 

Paul Blair Autographed Baseball

Hello! I hope everyone is doing okay with all this snow. I know I'm tired of seeing it . Anyway I bought this Paul Blair ball for $10 right before he passed away. I was wanting a Blair ball for a while but continued to get him on postcards.
The ball was also very cool because he inscribed it with his 8 gold gloves. 
I hope you all enjoy seeing this ball as much as I do. Thanks and God Bless! 

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Wilson Betemit game used fielding glove

Not many people can say that they have gotten a fielding glove from a player ; nonetheless for free. You may be wondering how I did . I have Orioles season tickets and am very close with some of the players . I have obtained many game used items and this is one. Wilson came out of the dugout and I simply said "Hey Wilson!" He turned around and said "What's up buddy?" I said "not much trying to add a fielding glove to my collection" He laughed and said I can help with that and tossed me his glove. He said he's glad to help anybody who's a fan of his. I was shocked that he gave it to me . I think it was a day or two before my birthday also so it just made it that much more special. I hope you guys like it as much as I do!

My 2 game used lineup cards

I've been wanting a lineup card for a while now and I managed to get 2 last orioles season . I got these from Art Of The Game. It cost me $150 for the Orioles vs. RedSox . This was pretty cool because it was Manny Machado's first home run of the season, Davis also hit one. But then again I think Chris may have hit one on every lineup card haha. The White Sox card cost me absolutely nothing . They had a grab bag sale going on and some pins with prizes on them . I paid $50 for 2 grab bag balls and managed to get this out of it! I was shocked that I had actually won one. So yeah this is pretty much it . Thanks
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