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Sitting down with newly rule 5 draft pick Jason Garcia with the Baltimore Orioles

Jason Garcia followed me on Twitter the day after he was drafted . The Orioles had thee Astros select Jason so they made sure they got there guy. In return the Orioles have the Astros cash for him. When Jason faced the Orioles single A team he struck out 14 out of 18 guys . Some of those guys were Chance Sisco, Christian Walker and Chris Davis . Jason was very generous and told me that he would be more than willing to do an interview with me. I'm so thankful for the opportunity and wish Jason the best . 

Jason has not gotten much attention yet, but the right-handed pitcher could end up being a sleeper pick. Garcia dominated in his senior year season at Land O’ Lakes High School near Tampa, FL, posting a 2.01 ERA and striking out 72 batters in 58 innings. Originally committed to Florida Atlantic University, Garcia ended up signing with the Red Sox and went straight to the Gulf Coast League, where he posted a respectable 3.03 ERA, a 1.25 WHIP, and struck out 17 batters over 29.7 innings.

Selected in the Rule 5 Draft by Houston (Dec. 2014)

Scouting Report: Stiff mechanics with a average build. Throws from a high 3/4 arm slot with along arm action behind and a stab. Very quick to the plate. Fastball sat 91-93 mph with downward finish prior to TJ surgery. Post TJ surgery, fastball has drastically improved, sitting in the low-to-mid 90s and touching 100 mph. Fastball is on the straight side, but occassionaly shows arm-side run when he finishes his delivery. Still Improving command and fee for the pitch. Has trouble spotting pitch arm-side. Secondary offerings need considerable work and repations as he lacks feel for the offerings. Leans on an low-80s mph slider to finish batters off. Shows depth at times and late, hard break. Flashes solid-average potential, but below-average at present. Demonstrated good feel for the offering prior to TJ surgery. but working to regain that feel now. Changeup is a work in progress. Throws it in the mid-80s mph without much drop. On the firm side and looks more like a fastball he takes something off by slowing his arm down Uses infrequently in game situations. Very young for his draft class, but shows a lot of maturity and poise for his age. Fast learner, takes coaching well. Type of arm that can make strong strides with maturation during his early twenties. Underwent Tommy John surgery in 2013, missing most of the season.

Did you ever have a host family ? Who'd you stay with? 

Yes In spring training a rehab. Her name was Sharon. She was a florist at the ritz and me and mike miller and Aaron Kurcz stayed with her in ft myers.

What team did you grow up liking?
The New York Mets.

What was it like coming back from TJ surgery?

It was tough. I think mentally it was the hardest. First couple times throwing all you can think about is the last time you threw a ball what happened. So I think I learned a lot about myself mentally and physically and saw how far I could push myself.

Which of today's players impress you most?

I would definitely have to say kershaw. I mean I feel like every pitcher watches him to learn and also Jose Hernandez. Played against him in highschool and he's so electric. 

Do you have any role models/ inspirations ?

Yes Pedro Martinez and Nolan Ryan. I'm a big 2seam guy and I love throwing my change up so I try to watch them and listen to a lot of interviews from them.

Who was the greatest hitter that you've faced up until this point in your career? 

Wow that's tough. I probably would have to say Brian McCan with Atlanta last year.

How do you feel about the use of radar guns and the emphasis on pitchers velocity these days?  

I mean I think velocity is now a lot more pressed on than ever, but you still gotta pitch and that's what people sometimes don't understand.

How old were you when you first started playing baseball? Were you always a pitcher or did you play any other positions ?

I was about 3.I grew up as a catcher and third baseman until sophomore year in highschool.

If you weren't playing baseball, what would you want to be doing ?

Marine biologist.

What are your offseason plans?

Be with the family and now work even that much harder to make the most of this opportunity to make a roster spot. I know I have a lot to prove so gotta just prepare.

Who's your all-time favorite player ? 

Pedro Martinez. That guy was just an animal on the mound

How did you feel when you got drafted by Boston in the 17th round of the 2010 MLB draft ?

I was so excited. Wasn't too sure if I go or not but I Was definitely excited.

Did you think you would go earlier ? At all?

I got a call from the rays and giants in the fifth but they sounded unsure.

What is your most memorable moment in baseball? 

Definitely Tommy John. I think it made me on and off the field better.

How did you feel when being selected by the orioles in the rule 5 draft ?

It still hasn't hit me. It's surreal. 

Have you ever asked for anyone's autograph? If you could obtain one from anyone in the sports world past or present who would it be ?

No I'm more of a picture guy and definitely  between Derek jeter and Jackie Robinson.

Have you ever searched for your stuff online ? 

No I try not to pay too much attention to the media. I don't want to get too high or too low. I'm trying to stay level headed. Especially after this.

Have a lot of people asked for your autograph ? If your autograph was worth $50 would you sell your own stuff?

Not too many and I think if it was worth that i'd be making decent money so I don't think so. 

Thanks for answering those Jason means a lot well that's all I had to ask  for the interview . Any last remarks ?

Just wanna say thank you and I'm excited to be an O!

I hope all of you enjoyed my interview with Jason Garcia and you all should go hit him up with a follow on Twitter. His username is @jj_1121 . I look forward to seeing Jason play and I hope he and you both enjoyed reading this! 

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